Repair works

Any apartment periodically needs repair: wallpapers, floorings are updated, ceilings get a new view.  There can be different reasons for this update: owners want changes, result of the previous repair is worn out, or just interior of the apartment needs  update.

Features of the inner finishing works of apartments

As a rule, while purchasing house in a new building we face with unfinished look of the apartment: plastered walls, sticked out electrical wires in the walls and ceilings where there is electrical connection points, screed of the floor.  The main purpose of rough inner decoration works is to eliminate all defects of construction: uneven floor and ceiling, lack of right angles of the walls, as well as preparation of surfaces for finishing works. Electrical works, installation of sanitary  plumbing equipments, covering of floors, walls and ceilings with finished covers: wallpapers and  different floorings, covering walls of bathroom and toilet with tiles and other such kind of  works.  

Like any other stage of repair, inner finishing work of apartment has its own subtleties and nuances.


Finishing works of apartment: subtleties and nuances

Before actual start of finishing works there are issues that should be taken into account. It is necessary to define clearly the design of the room, think about the materials that will be used, choose colors, design devices of bathroom,  determine where to connect major appliances such us washing machine, computer, television, and consider the place for installation of lighting fixtures. Beside of it, it is important to remember that the quality of performed works depends not only on appearance of the result, but also on durability and resistance of apartment repair. In order to get maximum effect one should contact with professionals. Construction-repair company “ADDA Project”  successfully works in the market of building and finishing works for over a decade, and during that that time have accumulated vast experience in the field of finishing  works of apartments, houses and offices.

Category of repair depends on the used construction materials (quality and value) and types of finishing works.

  • The cost of "rough" materials is approximately 30-50% of the cost of works on comprehensive repair.
  • The cost of “finishing” materials depends on your choice among the proposals of the modern market on building, finishing and decorative materials and coatings, and as a rule is equal to the cost of finishing works.


The approximate cost of complex repair (repair budget) with the value of "rough" materials averages:

  • Cosmetic repair: 220 -300  AZN per m2
  • Overhaul repair – 350- 500  AZN per m2
  • “Euro” repair – 600 AZN per m2


For more detailed information please contact  (012)-441-42-41.


Inner finishing works of apartments - with guarantee of quality

The company “ADDA Project” performs finishing works of apartments in Baku and throughout the region with strict adherence to state standards. We provide written guarantee for all performed works.  For free call of professionals and getting professional advices please contact (012)-441-42-41. We use experienced approach for any repair and have have affordable prices.  

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