Author`s supervision

Author`s supervision —supervision that is carried out by designer for the production of works in the construction object in accordance to design-project.  It is exercised in order to ensure conformity of technological, architectural and stylistic, construction and other technical solutions and indexes introduced in to exploitation of the construction object.

As part of the agreement author`s supervision involves routine field visits (1-3 times a week) to clarify details of design-project and make appropriate comments, as well as deal issues on design documentation arised by Customer. 

The average cost of field supervision varies from 500 AZN and more per month, depending on the complexity of the project and its locations, or calculation: 5-10 c.u per m²

Our Customers are free to choose: in what extent they need supervision. But sometimes they underestimate the importance of this process thinking that they will manage it themselves.  Today, professionals in the field of interior design are confident that in the history of the construction there was not a single project, in which performers do not have questions for designers and architects.

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