Elaborated interior design-project is a pledge of finishing works with high quality!

At the stage of design-project you will feel the style of new accommodation, its shape and colour. Technically correct complied design-project is the first and perhaps the most important step towards conducting finishing works. 

We are for the beauty and it does not matter for which context it serves.  People who lived in a beautiful house, beautiful apartment will never be able to stay or a  long time  in a gray, and nondescript space. Though beauty is a conditional concept that has been formed over a long period of time at a certain stereotype that is stitched into our subconscious.


Composition of the design project

  • Measurement drawing of room
  • Dismantling plan and erection of partition wall
  • Plan after redevelopment and explication of rooms
  • Plan with furnishing layout
  • Plan of ceiling
  • Plan of lighting
  • Lighting design plan of switches
  • Plan for binding of switches
  • Plan for electric wires
  • Plan for binding of electric wires
  • Plan of sanitary plumbing
  • Plan of the floor indicating the type of coating
  • Plan of underfloor heating
  • Deployment of walls with layout of tiles indicating their dimensions


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