The project of the house is a set of drawings and technical data that are needed for building a house.

 Complete documentation of the house project includes architectural-construction part (architecture and design-drawings and technical figures that are needed for the construction of a house from the foundation to the roof) engineering utilities division (heating and ventilation, water supply and sewerage, internal electrical equipment) evidence of self-regulatory organization.

 Architectural-construction part (architecture and design) comprises of the following: general technical data of the house project, plan of the floors, types of facades, cuts and sections, plan of the house foundation, plan of the roof, structure of roof system, partition structures, chimney ventilation ducts,  floor plan, the main details and components, specification of construction materials  ( a list of the required materials with indication of their exact number) and  other parts

 Engineering part: heating, ventilation, water supply, sewerage, electricity, specification of construction materials (the list of required materials and components with their exact number)


Development of the  architectural project

The following steps can be carried out in the development of the architectural project:

  1. Sketch project (Pre-project offers)
  2. Project
  3. Working project (working documentation)

Desinging of the  buildings with a total area of 500 m².

  • Sketch project -  20 AZN per 1 m².
  • Working documentation (WD section) - от 10 azn per 1 m²..
  • Constructive section  (CS) -  10 AZN per m².
  • Engineering section (ES) -  10 AZN  per  m².

Desinging of the buildings with a total area of 500-1500 m².

  • By agreement and depending on the complexity of the object

Selection of finishing materials – by agreement
The development of engineering sections (electrical equipment, water supply and sewerage, heating and ventilation,) – according to section 10 AZN per  1m².

Author`s supervision – 150 AZN for visit of specialist.

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