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Contemporary Eco Atrium living room It is not coincidence that design project called as Contemporary Eco Atrium living room got exactly that name. We decided to share with you the completed version of the project, as always by having extremely sensitive approach to the tasks and needs. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you say Eco home? Of course, it is about environmentally clean, spacious, modern living zone. And the project that you see is based on this principle. Fytowall panno that decorates walls, high ceilings, laconic colors bring difference to the project. As always, we have not forgotten to maintain our individualism. In the center of residential area, artificial atrium that extends till the fourth floor, has a function of front garden, winter garden, green house. This area that was landscaped entirely inspires a man to another completely different world. The room with 230 square meters capacity includes 2 zones: resting and dining zones. However designing of these zones was not as easy as it seems. Such as, hostess of the mansion wanted to see a modern fireplace in the middle of the house. At a first glance this wish seemed easy, but then it created problems. It was unable to watch a TV in the dining zone. Our team has found a unique solving for this problem. A design construction was elaborated which enables TV to be turned 360 degrees at any time with mobile, active, remote control. It was combination of beauty and easement. Dear followers, if your projects need distinctive designer view and practical solutions, please contact us

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