ArchLuxe Musuem-Restaurant

A few words
about this great project

The name ArchLuxe Musuem-Restaurant was not chosen by chance for this restaurant. Thus, combining museum and restaurant characteristics this place becomes symbol of elegance and difference. The main object and idea of this museum-restaurant with more than 8 meters of height and 400 square meters of area, was put on huge statues behind transparent tulles. The designer of this project has synced this idea from real life directly to architectural world. The basic philosophy is to show to the audience that there are visible and invisible sides of all things. Thus, the visibility of the statues with up to five meters in height, will depend on the angle of incidence of sun rays and light transmission capacity of white tulles hanging over them. We will not make a mistake saying that one of the most important and necessary areas of the restaurant is a bar zone. By assessing this importance ADDA Project team, has not left without attention the above-mentioned zone and thought about a bar zone with the spirit and harmony of this space. Thus, there is a statue of David created by genius Michelangelo in the center of the bar and tulle was put over it in order to support the general theme and to make the place more desirous and mysterious. As a logical consequence of this unity, umbrella as an art object was hanged in the center of statue. Thus, guests of this museum-restaurant included to the premium class, will have an opportunity to taste delicious dishes, and at the same time enjoy charming image of this place.

Results of our work

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