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ADDA Project means minimum problems and guarantee of a positive result.

Nodar Şaşik-ogli

Nodar Şaşik-ogli

Executive director

ADDA Project implements projection, design and repair and construction works based on advanced technologies. We move in search of an answer to the question ‘what is a better world?’. Inspiration we take from our past and rich culture lightens our way of developing the architecture of modernity, touching hearts. Realizing our responsibility before the society and the past, which integrates successfully into the present, we do not forget that future generations also have the right to this world.


Оставьте заявку, чтобы назначить встречу у нас в офисе с ведущим дизайнером, главным архитектором, инженером и техническим директором. На встрече вы получите развернутые ответы на все вопросы по дизайну интерьера и будущей реализации проекта, а также узнаете сроки и стоимость вашего проекта.

Our ties are associated with modernity, reliability, excellence, quality and relevance. Based on this principle, we create a special atmosphere for cooperation with you, thus turning our ideas into your success. This is our mission. We believe that not only a man but also the atmosphere he creates can be unique.
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The project of the house is a set of drawings and technical data that are needed for building a house. Complete documentation of the house project includes architectural-construction part (architecture and design-drawings and technical figures that are needed for the construction of a house from the foundation to the roof) engineering utilities division (heating and ventilation, water supply and sewerage ...


Elaborated interior design-project is a pledge of finishing works with high quality! At the stage of design-project you will feel the style of new accommodation, its shape and colour. Technically correct complied design-project is the first and perhaps the most important step towards conducting finishing works.

Author`s supervision

Author`s supervision —supervision that is carried out by designer for the production of works in the construction object in accordance to design-project. It is exercised in order to ensure conformity of technological, architectural and stylistic, construction and other technical solutions and indexes introduced in to exploitation of the construction object.

Repair works

Any apartment periodically needs repair: wallpapers, floorings are updated, ceilings get a new view. There can be different reasons for this update: owners want changes, result of the previous repair is worn out, or just interior of the apartment needs update.
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